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Factors associated with increased body mass index and its impact on health related quality of life of pre obese and obese subjects

Introduction: Being overweight or obese has become a major global health problem. The impact of excess weight on physical, psychological and social wellbeing is increasingly acknowledged. The main aim of the study was to evaluate the factors associated with the increased body mass index and its impact on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of pre-obese and obese subjects.

The value of Faecal Occult Blood Test in patients infected with intestinal parasites

Infections due to intestinal parasites are among the most prevalent infections in humans in developing countries. Faecal occult blood refers to blood in the faeces that is not visible to the naked eye and FOBT, as the name implies, is aimed to detect subtle blood loss in the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the colon .This study aimed to prove if there is a relation between FOB and intestinal parasites. Stool samples of 450 patients attending different out patient clinics in Ahmed Maher Teaching hospital, Egypt.

A Review On Avaleha Kalpana W.S.R To Confection

Avaleha is the most common dosage form which has been employed in various disorders & gaining popularity due to its easy administration, palatability along with a long shelf life. Avaleha is a semisolid preparation of herbal drugs prepared in decoction or extracts of different herbs by adding sugar. Its metabolism and absorption starts from the mouth itself due to presence of more quantity of sweetening agents like glucose, fructose etc.


Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral disorder affected 3-5 % of school going age children chiefly affected male characterized by inattention, hyperactivity & impulsiveness. A number of etiological factors can be assumed in its aetiopathogenesis but diet play a chief role as well as precipitating factor in  ADHD’s symptoms such as iron, magnesium, iodine, choline, vitamin B complex & vitamin C deficiencies along with excess sugar intake. By fulfill these nutrient in the diet of ADHD children we can ameliorate ADHD symptoms.


Background: - Job satisfaction is a complex function of a number of  variables. A person may be satisfied with one or more aspects of his/her job but at the same time may be unhappy with other things related to the job. Objectives: - The aim of the study was to find out the determinants of job satisfaction of physical therapist and to clarify that the professional specific scale which is used (speak man scale) is predicting the same which the general job satisfaction questionnaire measures.


The Ayurvedic concept of evolution of disease, based primarily in the understanding of the host-man, meaning of disease without losing sight of either the extrinsic or the intrinsic factors is comprehensive by itself.  Object of Ayurveda is to relieve mankind from diseases and death and to ensure long life - full of health and youthful vigor.  The Ayurveda refers that the Samprapti (Aetiopathogenesis) of any disease is based on the imbalance of three Dosha (Bodily humors) – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.