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A Brief Discussion on Fieldwork in Social Work

As the social work curriculum is based on both theory and practice, the provision of sound theory is critical as is fieldwork experience. It is critically important for social work students to acquire, in a classroom environment, practice principles, values and ethics and the scientific basis for practice. Equally important is the need to apply the theoretical content covered in the classroom, to real life situations as part of a student‟s preparation to become a professional social worker.

Subordination of Women in Text Books : Its Effects

Text books are pioneer in furthering the process of education. They must be gender neutral. However the Gujarati text books from std. VIII to X of Gujarat State contain certain statements subordinating the women. Some of the samples have been analysed. It is surprising that even the authors having social reforms agitation on their credit are also appreciating the subordinate status of women. This articles reveals this fact. 125 students also have been  examined to find the impact of the statements glorifying the subordinate status of women.

Heredity and Deviance: Connecting the Ideas

Deviance is a form of social maladjustment, due to the formation of habits which are regarded by the mass of the group as inimical to its welfare. It is a matter of conduct, and conduct is a matter of habit, and habit is mainly rooted in instinct (Ellwood, 1912). Every living being is nothing but combination of heredity and environment, especially the human being. There have several theories and ideas on heredity and its impact on deviant behavior, which final depict that heredity do influence in deviance, at least a bit.

Application Of Social Work Competencies And Techniques By The Non-Government Organizations In Bangladesh: A Study Based On Sylhet City Corporation

Bangladesh has witnessed a substantial growth of non-government organizations (NGOs) after the independence, especially from 1980s. These NGOs have been engaged in multifarious development activities all over the country and in the international platform. Grameen Bank is a Noble Laureate in Peace and BRAC has got recognition as one of the largest NGOs in whole globe. It is a recognized fact that government organizations (GOs) must work along with NGOs for the socioeconomic-cultural development of the country, especially developing state like Bangladesh.


Social Work is the profession committed to the pursuit of social justice, to the enhancement of the quality of life, and to the development of the full potential of each individual, group and organizations and communities. Founded on humanitarian and egalitarian ideals Social Work has achieved profession status proving its skills by engaging in a broad range of activities within many types of settings and within many different people.


Ageing is an individual process and a universal phenomenon that occurs at different rates in different people. Although the biological causes of development are similar in all cultures, the social experience varies among countries, and even within countries. Adulthood is the period in which a human being reaches the peak of his/her powers. Generally there have three dimensions of ageing: physiological, psychological, and social.


Amidst all the forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV), Domestic Violence (DV) is a universal phenomenon that differs in its scope from one society to the other. It is not only detrimental to women’s overall health including their survival but can also become a risk factor for their ill health. There exists a natural tie between the domestic violence and health care. Profound impact of violence on a large number of women’s health and on their health care seeking behaviour makes it pertinent for the health care delivery system to recognize and respond to it.