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Lead lag relation of world stock market and Indian stock market

It is said worldwide that “a stock market is a barometer of economy “. It is true with theoretical term. It means that stock market will perform only if that country’s economy is progressing. But sometime this statement doesn’t go with pace. Some country‘s stock market run abruptly though their economy was not performing. While some country’s stock Market not performed yet their economy goes excellent. This study will reveal where Indian market is in terms of market capitalization, volume on stock exchange and number of company listed on stock exchange.


In this paper, the inventory models assumed that the production rate of a manufacturing system is often assumed to be constant, but in fact production rate is a variable under managerial control. Production rate may be influenced due to demand, on hand inventory and launching new competitive product or with the change in customer’s preferences. A great number of authors have studied problems connected with constant production rate by taking different deterioration and demand rate. But when a new product is launched in the super market, demand increases more rapidly as time progresses.