Ethical Policy

MDEGQ  Multidisciplinary Edu global Quest   editorial team requests the contributors to read the ethical policy adopted by the journal prior to submission of their papers. Our purpose in laying down the ethical policy is to ensure that any ethical misconduct --- plagiarism , redundant publication or copyright issues  can be avoided.

Guidelines to the Author

  • Authors are expected to submit original work  which should not have  been published elsewhere or under consideration for publication by any other journal.
  • Author must cite all  the references , quote all the sources of data  and also third party material. They should not do anything that might compromise on the originality of their work.
  • They must ensure that  their work can stand the Plagiarism Check. Plagiarism is quoting someone’s  ideas , expressions , thoughts as one’s own . This amounts to academic dishonesty  and they should refrain from doing it.
  • Any conflict of interest should be  declared. Conflict of interest means any  company or services  in which the author has some vested interest  stands to benefit  by the publication should be  disclosed. It may be financial or non financial.
  • Authors  have to fill up a disclosure form at the time of submission.
  • Comply with the Editors for any further clarifications regarding sources of data and provide reasonable explanations when necessary.
  • Co-operate with the editors  during the  publication process
  • Remain in good communication with the editors.

Guidelines to the Reviewer

  • Reviewer must not only keep his identity  hidden but also not disseminate any  content  from any article /paper to be reviewed.
  • Review papers related to one’s own area of expertise.
  • Review to be carried out in a responsible manner, impartially and on time.
  • Report  should  provide constructive criticism to the author ,thereby help him/her in revising the paper .
  • Report any ethical  misconduct observed while reviewing the paper.
  • Communicate with the editors  to attain better quality.
  • Seek clarification regarding any unclear matter at the time of invitation  for reviewing the paper/article