Evaluation Criteria For Paper

Your Attention towards Reviewers Guidelines



Content: Is the content of the manuscript of interest to a broad, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary, range of readers? If not, what is missing or how can the paper be better aligned with MDEGQ readers?


Organization: Is the manuscript organized in clear and logical manner, and conforms to the journal’s Author Guidelines (http://mdegq.com/contribute/guidelines-to-contributors/)? If not, how can it be improved?


Style: Is the writing style engaging and reader friendly? Is the language free from major grammatical errors and meanings clear to a wide range of readers? If not, how can this be improved?


Originality: Does the manuscript offer an original slant, perspective or insight that is of potential value to the discipline/s in question? If not, what can the authors do to reflect a degree of originality?


Evidence: Does the manuscript provide sufficient evidence (e.g. empirical data or reputable authors references) to justify the claims made by the authors? If not, how and where can this be improved?  


Implications: Does the manuscript indicate how the study will contribute to practice in the relevant discipline's, and/or on society at large, and/or on further research?

N.B.: Your paper will be reviewed on the basis of the above six criteria.