Architectural and Engineering Planning


Rapid urbanization and fast growing population has resulted congestion in the urban area. Hence, to maintain the quality of life, health, convenience and comfort, planning of land use and construction activities require control on it by some regulations, which are nothing but General Development Control Regulations. In India, for framing the regulations, all Authorities take “The National Building Code” as the base.

Revitalization Of Historic Urban Center In The Indian Context: A Case Of Jaipur

Cities have been serving as centers of trade and commerce for centuries. As time passes, these city cores transform themselves into historic urban centers or into inner city region. The inner city is stained by several problems like inadequate and obsolete infrastructure facilities, inadequate use of buildings, lack of open spaces, traffic congestion, a mix of conflicting non-conforming land uses, poor dwellings and unhygienic conditions, environmental dispossession, social malice, unemployment and poverty are due to high density of population.

Riverfront Development: An Approach To Urban Renewal, A Case For The Tapti River At Surat City, Gujarat, India.

At present the rivers in India lie neglected and characterized by unimaginative and unplanned development. It's potential to provide city level social infrastructure and recreation facilities lie untapped. Though it is a major source of water for the city and despite the building of a major barrage to retain water, except for a few months during the monsoon the river is always dry during the year. Sewage contaminated storm water out-falls and the dumping of industrial waste pose a major health and environmental hazard.