Aditya N Contractor

Assistant Professor,

Department of Architecture (GCPIAIF), VNSGU, Surat -395007.

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Gaurang Desai

M.Tech Urban Planning

Sr. Technical Manager, Construction Diagnostic Centre, Near VNSGU, Vesu, Surat -395007.

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Rapid urbanization and fast growing population has resulted congestion in the urban area. Hence, to maintain the quality of life, health, convenience and comfort, planning of land use and construction activities require control on it by some regulations, which are nothing but General Development Control Regulations. In India, for framing the regulations, all Authorities take “The National Building Code” as the base. Development plan is statutory instruments for controlling, directing and promoting the sound and rational development and/or redevelopment of an urban area with a view to achieve maximum economic, social and aesthetic benefits. The development plan of the city or town attempts to evolve scientific and rational policies to meet the functional needs of the city and aspirations of its citizens.

Hence, different perspective of different actors such as Planner, Architects and Developer regarding Development Control Regulation (DCR) are analysed, to find out the attitude towards DCR and implementation problem.

From the study, it has been revealed that Bye-Laws for some building form are favourable for some parameters whereas unfavourable for other parameters and vies-a-versa. Hence, a new format of Bye-Laws should be made which covers the essential factors of Bye-Laws for all the cities for Sustainable Planning and which promote the development.