Digital India: the move towards E-Government Transformation

Saurabh Chandra
Research Scholar
Dept. of Public Administration
University of Lucknow, India
ResearcherID: N-4360-2013
Phone No. 8009074196


The governments around the globe are rapidly transforming to establish themselves as E-Governments. The Government of India is also moving towards E-government transformation. Digital India initiative of the government is an umbrella program which not only facilitates e-government transformation but also focuses on transforming the lives of citizens and inclusive development. Digital India is a unique idea in the sense that provides a combined vision and a comprehensive execution plan, bringing together various departments as well as existing and new programs that are monitored and influenced centrally by the government. This paper provides a comprehensive review of this flagship programme understanding the e-government transformation through this programme. This paper highlights the difference between e-government and traditional government. It also highlights the initiatives of the e-government transformation in the Digital India Programme.