Ms. Barrett Browning poured out as bashful and zealous redefined as intellectual, emotional and poetical: drawn from selected sonnets in The Sonnets from Portuguese.

Nothing is stagnant or lost in the universe but keeps transcending levels that may be historical, chemical or physical to final psychological trance. And the most poignant of all is feelings with very abstract origin: strives, elevates and transcends. The seeker and the thinker perspectives vary due to wide contexts. When with the glasses of background; aspect acts as veil out of emotions curtailed deep and aimed shallow and null.

Activities of NGOs in Bangladesh: A Critical Analysis

The roles of NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) in Bangladesh are very important. With the Government initiatives, NGOs play vital role to achieve overall social development of the country. As a development practitioner, it is essential to know about NGOs and its activities. The main objective of the study is to see the activities performed by NGOs in Bangladesh, challenges faced by them and criticism against NGOs in Bangladesh. There are two opinions regarding NGOs activities in Bangladesh e.g.

Sustainable Development: A Way Forward to Good Governance

The governing mechanisms which is being followed till date couldn’t succeed in reducing the polluting contents from the environment resulting into increase of global warming and depleting of environmental resources. The existing governing mechanisms need to be re-evaluated towards implementing proper and effective public health management for making the environment more sustainable.

Sample Mean Deviation (d) Control Chart based on Six Delta Control limits

A control chart is a graphical device for representation of the data for knowing the extent of variations from the expected standard. The technique of control chart was suggested by W.A. Shewhart of Bell Telephone Company based on three sigma limits. M. Harry, the engineer of Motorola has introduced the concept of six sigma in 1980. In six sigma initiatives, it is expected to produce 3.4 or less number of defects per million of opportunities.


Urban growth is the movement of population from rural to urban areas and the resulting increasing proportion of a population that resides in urban rather than rural places. This paper endeavors to highlight the population and urban growth of Surat City with emphasis on level, tempo of urban Growth in Surat. In order to understand the demographic and geographical dimension of Urban growth in the Surat city. Three components of urban growth are considered in this research paper i.e the natural increase, net migration, the area wise classification.

Drought-induced changes in photosynthetic performance of Triticum aestivum L.

Drought stress has multiple effects on the plantdevelopment. Photosynthesis is one of the key metabolic processes which determine plant productivity. The objective of present study was to understand the effects of drought stress on wheat var. [HI-1531(Harshita)] through fast chlorophyll a fluorescence analysis (OJIP). Various phenomenological parameters suggest that mild drought stress have no significant effect on the primary photochemistry of photosystem II (PSII) in var. HI-1531. The light harvesting complexes was found stable even in severe drought stress.

Effectiveness of ground-level education awareness programs among the indigenous communities to conserve threatened medicinal plants of the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan, India

In the Aravali hills of Rajasthan (northwest India), assessment of threatened medicinal plants were carried. Attempts were also made to conserve these plants by running education awareness programs at the adjacent villages of Aravali hills located at Jaipur, Udaipur, Banswara, Pratapgarh, Dungarpur and Chittorgarh districts. The study clearly indicates that there is an urgent need to trigger community-based approaches to conserve the threatened plants.


This paper examines profitability of acquiring company in the pre-merger and post-merger period. The selected company is Bharti Airtel Ltd. which took over Zain Africa BV. in July, 2010. Various profitability ratios are computed and statistical t-test is done for evaluation of profitability of Bharti Airtel Ltd. The results reveal no significant difference on profitability due to merger. Merger has not resulted into improving profitability of the acquiring company.

Productivity Analysis of Commercial Banks in India: A Comparative Study of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks

Performance of the banking sector is an effective measure and indicator to check the performance of any economy to a large extent. Better functioning of banking sector may lead to the overall improvement of the economy. Present study is an attempt to appraise the productivity of selected public and private sector banks on the basis of two ratios Business per Employee and Profit per Employee. The study depicts the productivity of selected banks and groups of Indian banking sector during last 10 years from 2005-06 to 2014-15.

Lead lag relation of world stock market and Indian stock market

It is said worldwide that “a stock market is a barometer of economy “. It is true with theoretical term. It means that stock market will perform only if that country’s economy is progressing. But sometime this statement doesn’t go with pace. Some country‘s stock market run abruptly though their economy was not performing. While some country’s stock Market not performed yet their economy goes excellent. This study will reveal where Indian market is in terms of market capitalization, volume on stock exchange and number of company listed on stock exchange.