Effect Of Industrial Waste Water On Seed Germination And Some Physiological Parameters In Crop Of Gram (Cicer Arietinum L.)

Gamit Yogita B

Assistant professor,

V.S.Patel College of Arts & Science, Bilimora.

Mobile No : 997937901 Email : gamityogita29@gmail.com


Environment has always been a great challenge to mankind as far crop production is concern. The farms which are near to the industrial area always grow under the effect of industrial waste. The use of industrial waste water for irrigation purpose has emerged an important way to utilize its nutrients and removal of its pollutant’s load. The objective of experiment was to determine how different concentrations of industrial effluents effect on Morphological & physiological parameters in Gram (Cicer arietinum L.) plants. Two experimental gram Plants group were raised in Petri dishes & in Pots which irrigated with various concentrations of industrial waste water as compared to control seedlings (Drinking water). To study the growth of root by group of Petri dishes plants & the growth of shoot by group of pot plants. The Results that supported my conclusion were that there was greater growth in control group plants and more primary growth in the experimental group plants which received lower concentration of industrial waste water. On the other hand, biomass production was decreased rapidly under higher concentration treatment. Use of industrial effluents for irrigation purposes is a highly warranted utility of water pollutants proposition. The other object is to recycle it as irrigation water as compost for its possible fertilizer value, at least in part towards solving the problem of effluent disposal in an eco-friendly manner.