Pledging of Shares and its impact on Stocks

Mr. Ashish G. Patil
S. R. Luthra Institute of Management,
MTB College Campus, Near Adarsh Society, Athwalines, Surat.
(M) 9033121430


In global market, almost many of the companies are doing the pledging as collateral of their equity shares. There is a huge impact on stock prices if the pledging has been done by promoters’. Again, at the same time the proportion of pledging of shares does affect the stock price. The present article intends to discuss and analyze the impact of pledging of shares on stock prices. For measuring the impact of Pledging on stocks, randomly 10 companies are selected and collected the prices of shares of six months prior and six months after the date of announcement of pledging news by company itself. There are many factors which need to be considered for measuring the impact. So here overall market sentiments are also considered for measuring the impact, for this instance data from 1st Jan. 2014 to 13th July 2017 of NIFTY 50 has been taken and analyzed with the stock movements. It has been found that there is an impact of pledging on share prices.