Study On Shrimp Farming Technique In Gujarat State

Dr. Kailash Vadher

Assistant Professor,

Department of Fisheries, Junagadh Agriculture University, Junagadh.

Dr. Kapila Manoj

Associate Professor,

Department of Aquatic Biology, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University,

Udhna Magdalla Road, Surat, Gujarat- 395007.

Contact No. : +919898556211



Shrimp farming has been practiced in India for centuries on a traditional manner in certain coastal state. Scientific shrimp farming was developed during the early 1980s. Thousands of hectares of coastal lands were converted into shrimp farming. Shrimp farming activities in Gujarat state are also not uncommon at present.  Gujarat is having 1,600 km long coastline and a vast stretches of brackish water area throughout the coastline which is ideal for shrimp culture.  Shrimp farming activities developed fast in the last decade. Numbers of shrimp farms have been constructed in the coastal districts of state. Major activities have been carried out in South Gujarat coast than on Saurashtra coast. The present study has been undertaken with the objective to gather information on technique of shrimp farming followed by the shrimp farmers of the state. The shrimp farming technique in Gujarat was studied by visiting each and every village where farming is going on. The shrimp farming activities were mainly carried out in the districts of South Gujarat like Valsad, Navsari, Surat and Bharuch as well as in the regions of Saurashtra and Diu.

The information gathered on shrimp farming technique followed with reference to pond preparation, shrimp seed stocking, feeding management, water quality management, aeration methods, harvesting methods and marketing will be useful in successful management of shrimp farming. These observations will also be useful to improve the technology of farming and to sustain the shrimp aquaculture business in the state.