Subject Wise

Subject Volume Issue Title Authors
market survey 4 1 A Study On Consumer Satisfaction And Choice Of Super Markets In Gujarat State Martina Noronha, Purvesh Nanavati
legal profession 4 1 Globalization And Legal Profession : A Critique Rahul Mishra
educational management 3 4 A Study of the Opinions of Trainees about Internship Programme Anil Singh
educational psychology 3 4 A Study of Factors related to Stress during Teacher Training Jignesh Kantharia, Dipika Shah
educational technology 3 4 A Study of the Effectiveness of Panel Discussion in Economics Rajesh Rathod, Samir Patel
english literature 3 4 Colonial Imprints in Kamala Markandaya’s The Nowhere Man Jasvant Rathod
social work 3 4 Heredity and Deviance: Connecting the Ideas Md Zahangir Hossain
tourism management 3 4 A study on the tourist facilities in Shimla Mukesh Goyani, Gautam Kanani, Bharat Basrani
management 3 4 An Empirical Case Study of Women Self Help Group (SHG) functioning in Nanded City Ranjeet Tehra
electronics and telecommunication 3 4 EMR OF CELL PHONE NEAR HUMAN BRAIN Ganesh Khaire, Vilas Ubale