A Study of the Opinions of Trainees about Internship Programme

Dr. Anil R. Singh

Bhagvan Mahavir College of Education(M.Ed)

B.M.E.F. Vesu, Surat.

Mb : 9825419405

Email : arsingh118@yahoo.com


The present study was conducted to know the Opinions of Trainees about Internship Programme. A total of 34 students were taken as a sample. A survey was carried out to find out the opinions. Opinionnaire was given to trainees to obtain their response regarding the quality of experience, interaction with the principal, professors, and support staff, working hours and the relevance of the college education. Data was in the form of opinions of the respondents on three point scale. Data was analysed using percentage, average weighted, rank and chi-square test. Researcher calculated mean, SD and t- test for testing null hypothesis. The result suggested that Presentation in the Assembly by the students was very good. The environment of the college was favourable for teaching. During the Internship programme students studied enthusiastically. Trainees liked the teaching by students. Students co-operated very well with the students during instruction, classroom teaching. Students displayed great curiosity. The opinions between male and female trainees regarding internship programme were same.