Heredity and Deviance: Connecting the Ideas

Md. Zahangir Hossain

Lecturer in Social Work

Barisal Government Women’s College

Barisal-8200, Bangladesh

Contact: +8801912316687



Deviance is a form of social maladjustment, due to the formation of habits which are regarded by the mass of the group as inimical to its welfare. It is a matter of conduct, and conduct is a matter of habit, and habit is mainly rooted in instinct (Ellwood, 1912). Every living being is nothing but combination of heredity and environment, especially the human being. There have several theories and ideas on heredity and its impact on deviant behavior, which final depict that heredity do influence in deviance, at least a bit. This branch of biology says that sometime we have nothing to do but deviant, because of the formation of our nervous and endocrine system which control our physical and emotional actions. But, no living organism gets chance to create a zygote if it cannot find a congenial atmosphere. So as to deviance; heredity became more influential to formulate deviance as it get its friendly surroundings to develop and spread out.