Analysis of Batting Performance of Two Great Test Cricketers using Moving Average and Moving Range Control Charts with 3 control limits

Kalpesh S. Tailor

Assistant Professor,

Department of Statistics,

M. K. Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar-364001

Address:  65, Gokuldham Society,

Ashram road, Jahangipura, Surat-5

Mobile: 9426775998



The main objective of this paper is to illustrate the use of Moving Average (M.A) and Moving Range (M.R) control charts with 3δ control limits. These control charts are very useful for the data which are collected over a period of time. The M.A. chart monitors the process location over time, based on the average of the current subgroup and one or more prior subgroups. The M.R. chart monitors the process variation over time. These charts can be useful for evaluating the batting performance or bowling performance of the players in the game of cricket. So in this paper an attempt is made to analyze the batting performance of two great test cricketers using M. A and M. R. charts with 3δ control limits.