Ms. Barrett Browning poured out as bashful and zealous redefined as intellectual, emotional and poetical: drawn from selected sonnets in The Sonnets from Portuguese.

Nothing is stagnant or lost in the universe but keeps transcending levels that may be historical, chemical or physical to final psychological trance. And the most poignant of all is feelings with very abstract origin: strives, elevates and transcends. The seeker and the thinker perspectives vary due to wide contexts. When with the glasses of background; aspect acts as veil out of emotions curtailed deep and aimed shallow and null.

Activities of NGOs in Bangladesh: A Critical Analysis

The roles of NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) in Bangladesh are very important. With the Government initiatives, NGOs play vital role to achieve overall social development of the country. As a development practitioner, it is essential to know about NGOs and its activities. The main objective of the study is to see the activities performed by NGOs in Bangladesh, challenges faced by them and criticism against NGOs in Bangladesh. There are two opinions regarding NGOs activities in Bangladesh e.g.

Sustainable Development: A Way Forward to Good Governance

The governing mechanisms which is being followed till date couldn’t succeed in reducing the polluting contents from the environment resulting into increase of global warming and depleting of environmental resources. The existing governing mechanisms need to be re-evaluated towards implementing proper and effective public health management for making the environment more sustainable.

Analysis of Batting Performance of Two Great Test Cricketers using Moving Average and Moving Range Control Charts with 3 control limits

The main objective of this paper is to illustrate the use of Moving Average (M.A) and Moving Range (M.R) control charts with 3δ control limits. These control charts are very useful for the data which are collected over a period of time. The M.A. chart monitors the process location over time, based on the average of the current subgroup and one or more prior subgroups. The M.R. chart monitors the process variation over time. These charts can be useful for evaluating the batting performance or bowling performance of the players in the game of cricket.

Effect Of Fermentation Time On The Physicochemical Properties Of Palm Oil

This study evaluated the effect of fermentation time on the physicochemical characteristics of palm oil. The palm fruits samples used were divided into two with each group being divided into four portions. One group was boiled during processing while the other group was not boiled. The two groups were evaluated and processed in batches separately, for three days, six days, twelve days and fourteen days of fermentation using traditional method of processing.

Characterizations of natural rubber nanocomposites filled with organoclay as a substitute for carbon black obtained by melt blending method

The aim of this study was to assess the technical feasibility of natural rubber nanocomposites with Cloisite 20A, a commercial organoclay (OC) to substitute for conventionally used carbon black as a filler. Three Rubber clay nanocomposites (RCN) were prepared while varying the content of OC (2, 4 and 8 phr - parts per hundred of rubber). For comparative purposes, a sample with 40 phr of carbon black was also prepared and analyzed. The compounds were characterized by their rheological, morphological, thermal and mechanical properties.

A Study on Employee Productivity of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks in India

Banks are a mirror of an economy. Better functioning of the banking sector leads to the overall improvement of the economy. The financial performance of the selected banks is measured from employee productivity point of viewBanks, just like any other firm, need to transform inputs into outputs at an efficient rate in order to maximize profitability and survive under competitive conditions.

Construction and Standardization of Teacher Aptitude Test for B.Ed. College Trainees of Gujarat State

Aptitude is combination of abilities and other characteristics, whether native or acquired known or believed to be indicative of an individual’s ability to learn or to develop proficiency in some particular area. Present research had been aimed at Construction and Standardization of Teacher Aptitude Test for B.Ed. College Trainees of Gujarat State. Total 2137 trainees are selected as sample from population of Gujarat state. This research was undertaken using the Survey Method.

A study of Secondary School Teacher’s Attitude towards TAT

The major objectives of the present study were to explore the secondary school teacher’s attitude towards TAT and to know the attitudinal differences of gender, marital status, type of secondary school on TAT exam. Total 72 secondary school teachers are selected for the purposive sampling technique method. For the collection data researcher use self developed attitude scale. percentage and χ2 (chi-square) were founded for data analysis for collected information.

B.Ed. Students Opinion about Difficulty in Planning and Practice of Microteaching Skills

The main aim of the present study is to find out which Microteaching skill is more difficult for planning and practice and association between difficulty in planning and practice of specific Microteaching skill and pedagogy of B.Ed. students. It was Descriptive method. The study was carried out on 33 B.Ed. students, studying in one of the B.Ed. college of Bangalore city. Personal Information Schedule and structured opinionnaire were used to collect data. Percentage analysis and Chi-Square statistical technique were employed.