Characteristics and Effectiveness of Computer Based Multimedia Technologies in Technical and Engineering Education

Muhammad Mujtaba Asad, Dr. Razali Bin Hassan

Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education

University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

86400 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia


Computer based multimedia has the potential to generate high quality learning environments which actively engage the learner of technical and Engineering or Vocational education, Because information technology is involved in every field of life and with the help of information technology we can easily generate very efficient and effective interactive media for our learners. Computer based multimedia and teaching techniques are very sufficient for all age group students. In technical and vocational education. Multimedia applications are increasing day by day due to technology involvement in the industries. This paper starts with an overview of the specifications and general characteristics of multimedia in TVE like how multimedia involvement is effective in TVE and how can be used to enhance that process of teaching and learning in technical and vocational subjects and its implications in this modern era of education.