Relationship between market value and book value of Major Indian Information Technology firms under pre and post IFRS

Many researches have been conducted on the effect of adoption of IFRS on value relevance of firms e.g. Mohd Halim and Zulkifli [2008], Ahmed and Goodwin [2006], Harris and Muller [1999], Bartov et al. [2005], Lin and Chen [2005], Horton and Serafeim [2006], Schiebel [2006], Niskanen et al. [2000] and Mohd Kadri et al. [2008]. Even though they have employed similar model [Ohlson, 1995], their results were not conclusive. In India, the effect of adoption of IFRS on value relevance of accounting numbers is still not known yet as the IFRS is not fully applicable.

Role of RRBS in Financial Inclusion Empirical Evidence from RRBS in Gujarat

Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) in India have been established to spread the banking amongst rural poor, based on the recommendation of various expert committees. RRBs have special role to play in spread of banking, now known as financial inclusion, in rural and semi urban areas to include the rural mass in banking network and thereby help them the rural poor, small and marginal farmers, artisans, agricultural labors, and even small entrepreneurs.

SBI and its Associate’s Banks in India: Comparative Study of Management Efficiency Using Self Developed Ratio Score Rank Index

The success of any business depends on the management’s efficiency. Consequently to compare management efficiency of last five years starting from 2010 to 2014 in SBI and its Associates Banks in India. Management efficiency ratios have been considered. Data has been analyzed with the consideration of management efficiency ratios. Comparison has been done on the bases of self developed Ratio Score Rank Index.

Affective factors to Customers’ Satisfaction by the Services of Online Retailers: A study of Surat City

Now days, more and more online retailers enter into the market. In a competitive market place, it is very crucial to understand customers’ needs. Therefore, they have moved from a product-centric to a customer centric position. Customer retention is directly influenced by customer satisfaction. To find out the factors affecting customers’ satisfaction, 100 respondents have been considered. Convenience sampling method has been applied to collect the data. The data has been collected by framing a questionnaire.

A study on Customer Expectation Management in Expediency Stores Format in Organized Retail Stores in Surat City

In today’s competitive environment only the best survives. To survive and grow, the retailers need to strategize their operations to ensure customer delight, repeat purchases and increase in profitability. The key to achieve this objective is to give exemplary shopping experience and convert the customer from browser to a spender and to a big spender. Amenity excellence is a measure of the extent to which a delivered amenity meets the customer expectations.


The success of modern business is apparent, but recently there is much concern in the business-and-society literature and in the general press on whether business fulfills its role & responsibility. Business ethics have been developed in recent decades as responses to a growing sense of corporate wrong doing. Actually Fast growing world always create a sense of competition among the viewers. The desire of achieving higher and higher has somewhat made us “a machine” that machine which has nothing to do with the elements like right and wrong.

Determinants of Automobile Brand Choice

Automotive industry plays a vital role in country’s economic and industrial development. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. De-licensing in 1991 and subsequent 100% FDI in the sector has put the Indian automobile industry on a new growth trajectory, which attracted foreign auto giants to set up their production facilities in the country to take advantage of the various benefits it offers. Large middle class population, growing earning power and strong technological capability have been boosting automobile demand for the past few years.


Consumerism is a word with two meanings, one, an ideology and the other, a movement to promote rights of consumers. Growing economy, expansion of markets, globalisation, efficient ways of communication and technology gave way to the neo-consumerism. Vastly criticised, it has many advantages to boast upon. The present paper is an effort to explore in detail the meaning of consumerism, its ill effects along with its many good effects. It further tries to explore the recent trends and the way things would turn in the year 2040, after 25 years.


Uganda needs a population that can numerate in order to build a strong economy and compete globally. And as a country, Uganda is currently failing to achieve this goal. This study therefore was aimed at conducting a comprehensive analysis of the relationship based on the average score of primary six students achievement in numeracy and other factors related to schools and teachers. In specific terms the study was aimed at predicting the performance of Primary six students in NAPE examinations, if some of the factors are adjusted accordingly.

Teacher Education in Vidyabharti Gujarat Region: A Comprehensive Critical

Teacher education is a key factor to develop teacher‟s abilities and attitude towards profession and nations. Nowadays number of teacher education institutes is working in the field of teacher training. Vidyabharti is one of them. Vidyabharti is a non-government organization in education field, that working base is two basic principle one Bhartiya Shikshan Darshan and second Rastriyata. In the present study, researcher has studied the overall performance of teacher education colleges affiliated to vidyabharti, which is situated in Gujarat state.