An Empirical Case Study of Women Self Help Group (SHG) functioning in Nanded City

Self Help Group (SHG) is a small voluntary association of poor people, preferably from the same socioeconomic background. The government also wants to promote the SHG by the way of providing the grants which is either interest free or on a very nominal interest. The members of SHG come together for the purpose of solving their common problems through self-help and mutual help. The SHG promotes small savings among its members. The savings are kept with a bank. This common fund is in the name of the SHG. Usually, the number of members in one SHG does not exceed twenty.


Electromagnetic radiation generated by cell phone and the relationship with the human's health is not a new affair. From the time when the used of cellular phone (cell) had increased rapidly over the long-ago, people are becoming more concern with their health when dealing with the electromagnetic radiation. This type of radiation would leads to heating of body tissue at particular rate called the thermal radiation.

Subordination of Women in Text Books : Its Effects

Text books are pioneer in furthering the process of education. They must be gender neutral. However the Gujarati text books from std. VIII to X of Gujarat State contain certain statements subordinating the women. Some of the samples have been analysed. It is surprising that even the authors having social reforms agitation on their credit are also appreciating the subordinate status of women. This articles reveals this fact. 125 students also have been  examined to find the impact of the statements glorifying the subordinate status of women.

Heredity and Deviance: Connecting the Ideas

Deviance is a form of social maladjustment, due to the formation of habits which are regarded by the mass of the group as inimical to its welfare. It is a matter of conduct, and conduct is a matter of habit, and habit is mainly rooted in instinct (Ellwood, 1912). Every living being is nothing but combination of heredity and environment, especially the human being. There have several theories and ideas on heredity and its impact on deviant behavior, which final depict that heredity do influence in deviance, at least a bit.

Colonial Imprints in Kamala Markandaya’s The Nowhere Man

After independence, we as a nation feel that we are free and all the colonial signs are removed but it is not true.  ‘Colonialism’ is generally defined as a settlement in a new country. It related to the people who settle in a new locality. Post colonial critics like Ania Loomba opposes this definition writing that it is an inaccurate and inadequate definition because it does not refer to the exploitation, domination of the country, economy and culture as well as the mass suffering of the colonized people.

A Study of Factors related to Stress during Teacher Training

The purpose of the present study was to identify the factors related to stress among teacher trainees. 35 teacher trainees, 35 parents of  teacher trainees’ and 16 teacher educators were involved as the respondents. The predetermined factors were physical, psychological, educational, environmental & socio cultural. The instrument used for data collection was  researcher made open ended questionnaire. The researcher used rating scale for selection of suitable/appropriate medium to alleviate stress among teacher trainees.

A Study of the Effectiveness of Panel Discussion in Economics

In the present study Researcher tried to find the Effectiveness of Panel Discussion Method in Economics. Random sampling technique was used for selecting the sample. The total sample was that of 64 students in which 32 students were selected in Control group and 32 students were selected in Experimental group.

A Study of the Opinions of Trainees about Internship Programme

The present study was conducted to know the Opinions of Trainees about Internship Programme. A total of 34 students were taken as a sample. A survey was carried out to find out the opinions. Opinionnaire was given to trainees to obtain their response regarding the quality of experience, interaction with the principal, professors, and support staff, working hours and the relevance of the college education. Data was in the form of opinions of the respondents on three point scale. Data was analysed using percentage, average weighted, rank and chi-square test.

A study on the tourist facilities in Shimla

The tourism industry ofIndiais economically important and is growing rapidly. TheWorld Travel & Tourism Council calculated that tourism generated INR6.4 trillion or 6.6% of the nation's GDP in 2012. The sector is predicted to grow at an average annual rate of 7.9% from 2013 to 2023. This gives India the third rank among countries with the fastest growing tourism industries over the next decade. Tourism is considered as an engine of growth for Himachal Pradesh. Shimla the capital of this state is blessed with natural beauty.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty in mobile telecommunication in Pakistan


This research has been conducted to discuss customer loyalty in mobile telecommunication. Study measures different features of service assortment, price satisfaction, quality, employee service and satisfaction to check which attribute influence the loyalty more in mobile telecommunication.