A Comparative Study on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and General Evaluation in the English Medium schools of Ahmedabad

Ms. Dipti Khanna
Asst. Professor,
Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Gandhinagar.
Email: deepti.bonfe@gmail.com


Education is the vital and essential right of every child. Evaluation is considered as integral part of teaching-learning process. As we know evaluation is mostly focused on the attainment of educational objectives. As child development is a continuous process, evaluation should be continuous. CCE is an innovative way of assessment it refers to a system of school based assessment that covers all aspects of students’ development.
For the study under the topic of continuous and comprehensive evaluation, investigators have opined for ‘A Study on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and General Evaluation in English Medium Schools of Ahmedabad’ Here thereby, investigators have selected three prime schools of Ahmedabad urban city for opinion of teachers related to continuous comprehensive evaluation and general evaluation and raw data is collected. In the present study the investigators, have done the analysis and interpretation of the data through subjective analysis of self-made opinion ire. The major findings are continuous comprehensive evaluation is better as compared to general evaluation. Through this specific abilities of students can be encouraged and reading habit can be developed. It is a boost to below average students.