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In the present age of competition, demand in accuracy and constraints on time it is highly required to deliver your product exactly as it is desired within the provided resources and time. You must make sure that you are putting in the right kind and amount of work in order to build a successful product. The only way in which this can be established is by taking a feedback from your clients and customers. Some important points that must be considered while developing a project are the agility of development, simplicity in development, less cost, limited use of resources in the process of development and on the time delivery of the product. To accomplish a project with the above points in mind there is a need for a disciplined methodology to develop software products. Extreme programming an agile software development methodology is the best suitable methodology for doing this.

In the early 1990’s two men named Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham tried a new way to develop the software which made everything look like simple and efficient. In March 1996 Kent started working on a new project using a new concept of software development. The outcome was the Extreme programming Methodology. It was abbreviated as XP. 1“XP is a set of rules, values, principles, and practices that need to be followed to achieve extreme programming project development.”1 This document will enlighten the inside of the extreme programming. This document will answer the four important questions such as what? When? How? and Why? related to extreme programming. This document will uncover what is Extreme programming? How it works? How it can influence a development of project, XP’s 12 practices and many other points related to it.