Ms. Barrett Browning poured out as bashful and zealous redefined as intellectual, emotional and poetical: drawn from selected sonnets in The Sonnets from Portuguese.

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Nothing is stagnant or lost in the universe but keeps transcending levels that may be historical, chemical or physical to final psychological trance. And the most poignant of all is feelings with very abstract origin: strives, elevates and transcends. The seeker and the thinker perspectives vary due to wide contexts. When with the glasses of background; aspect acts as veil out of emotions curtailed deep and aimed shallow and null. Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese according to my reading seems faced the same fate; for she is often portrayed as sentimental lady partially due to the literary industry’s need to use for the much-elevated myth of Robert Browning- Elizabeth Browning love story. With special reference to selected sonnets from one of her major works, Sonnets from the Portuguese, the plight that hovers negotiable, pour in and that which tends to be hesitant to, pour out; is where poetry acted as the hailer. Mostly read in biographical terms the sonnets contain vast elements that can be termed as complex and equivocal. The sweep of heart through wrapped words console the hearts that breeds oneness with the intensity, intentions and incidents cannot be always interpreted as shy and passionate outburst, ignoring the wider and more general issues. To redefine usual considerations of been shy and sentimental the paper attempts to tarnish the gloss of convention and myth and trace the emotional women in love with multiple layers who did hide coherent subtexts in her narratives. Primary aim of this article is to identify through the verse established position of women within the structure formed by patriarchal discourse. In the Sonnets the theme is heterosexual love with its strong courtly love overtones; focus on intimate moment in time. Overarched and thematized dilemma prevalent in lyrical feeling is what can be said the key to the study. The sonnets mark its way to prove the strength and substance in the speaker's words. It does explore the wider and general issues.