Productivity Analysis of Commercial Banks in India: A Comparative Study of Selected Public and Private Sector Banks

Amit K Parmar
Asst. Professor
Govt. Comm. College
Sec.15, Gandhinagar
Dr. V. D. NAIK (Principal)
S.P.B English Medium College of Commerce, Surat
Dr. A. R. Kulkarni
Faculty Member
S.P.B English Medium College of Commerce, Surat


Performance of the banking sector is an effective measure and indicator to check the performance of any economy to a large extent. Better functioning of banking sector may lead to the overall improvement of the economy. Present study is an attempt to appraise the productivity of selected public and private sector banks on the basis of two ratios Business per Employee and Profit per Employee. The study depicts the productivity of selected banks and groups of Indian banking sector during last 10 years from 2005-06 to 2014-15.