A Review On Avaleha Kalpana W.S.R To Confection

Dr. Neetu

Lecturer, Department of Ras Shastra

Punjab Ayurvedic College

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Dr. Harish Kumar Singhal

Assistant Professor

Department of Kaumarbhritya,

University College of Ayurved,

Dr. S.R. Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

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Avaleha is the most common dosage form which has been employed in various disorders & gaining popularity due to its easy administration, palatability along with a long shelf life. Avaleha is a semisolid preparation of herbal drugs prepared in decoction or extracts of different herbs by adding sugar. Its metabolism and absorption starts from the mouth itself due to presence of more quantity of sweetening agents like glucose, fructose etc. Avaleha forms can be compared with confection or electuaries conserves of British Pharmacopia Confection form means a way of administering relatively large quantities of insoluble powders in a palatable guise by making them into paste with sugar, syrup and honey. In the presenting paper author is attempt to highlighted Avaleha in modern era.