Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement of Prospective Student Teachers in Tiruvannamalai District

N. Mahendiran
Dr. K. Bharathi Kumar


The present study dealt with the relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement of prospective student teachers, and also examined the differences among them in self-esteem and academic achievement with respect to demographic variables. Fifty Prospective student teachers from Balaji College of Education in Tiruvannamalai District was drawn as sample for the study. a scale on Self-esteem developed by K.N.SHARMA was used to measure the level of  Self-esteem of prospective Student teachers and academic achievement score was taken from their academic performance in colleges. The findings of the study indicated that male and female prospective student teachers differ in their self esteem; prospective student teachers studying in   colleges of education located in rural areas differ significantly from student teachers studying in   colleges of education located in urban areas  in their self esteem.  Male prospective student teachers are significantly high in self-esteem when compared to female prospective student teachers.  The results of the present study revealed that self-esteem and achievement goals are affecting factors on academic achievement among students.