A Study of Vocational Preference of Higher Secondary School Students of Anand City

Dr. Payal Bhatia
Assistant Professor
Shri I. J. Patel M. Ed. Course, Mogari
Email: payalbht@yahoo.co.in


Vocation selection is one of many important choices students will make in determining future plans. This decision will impart them throughout their lives. The preferences of vocations have been a serious problem among the higher secondary school students. A lot of students in higher secondary schools believe that their future is a glorious adventure in which they are bound to succeed. Planning for tomorrow itself is primarily the responsibilities of the parents, teachers and school teachers. Students need general orientation into the world of work through the curriculum. Vocational preferences of the students require serious considerations and research. So, need of research was felt in this area. Therefore, the investigator has conducted survey to know the vocational preference of higher secondary school students