Teacher Education in Vidyabharti Gujarat Region: A Comprehensive Critical

Dr. Bhavesh I. Raval
Incarge Principal
Shri Mahavir Vidya Mandir Trust B. Ed. College
Pandesara, Surat.
Mobile : +91 94280 20168

Teacher education is a key factor to develop teacher‟s abilities and attitude towards profession and nations. Nowadays number of teacher education institutes is working in the field of teacher training. Vidyabharti is one of them. Vidyabharti is a non-government organization in education field, that working base is two basic principle one Bhartiya Shikshan Darshan and second Rastriyata. In the present study, researcher has studied the overall performance of teacher education colleges affiliated to vidyabharti, which is situated in Gujarat state. The researcher has chosen all five colleges situated in Gujarat state. Out of these colleges trainees, lecturer, principal and managers were taken as sample. The researcher has used self-prepared research tools, like checklist opinionnaire, questionnaire and interview schedule. For data collection researcher followed proper process and get details form concerned person. The data were analyzed through Descriptive statistics. Frequency calculation, table, chi-square, percentage and rank was applied. Overall, the researcher has found positive impact of teacher training programme and activities that are based on Bharatiya Shikshan Darshan.