Subject Wise

Subject Volume Issue Title Authors
teacher education 3 2 A Study of The Opinions regarding Reforms for Teacher Education S Snehlata, Niharika Patel
english 3 2 Rendering Of Feminine Consciousness And Desire For Emancipation In The Novels Of Uma Vasudev Viral Vyas
genetics 3 2 Forward and Reverse Genetic Tools for Investigating Gene Function Dharmesh Harwani
corporate governance disclosures practices in banking sector of india 3 2 A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE PRACTICES BY PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR BANKS OF INDIA Farida Patel, Sabita Sondhi
environmental accounting 3 2 Accounting Professionals - As a medium to curb imbalanced Environment Accounting Hemadri Tikawala, Anila Pillai
risk management 3 2 Effectiveness Of Nifty Stocks And Options Strategy Introduced By National Stock Exchange Shaikh Mohammadimran Abdulsaeed
environmental education 3 2 A Study On Naturalistic Intelligence Of School Teachers In Tirunelveli District P Karpagam, Munuswamy Kanmani
ayurvedic pharmacology 3 2 A Review On Avaleha Kalpana W.S.R To Confection Neetu S, Harishkumar Singhal
agricultural economics 3 2 Base Line Survey For Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (A Village Level Case Study) Showkat Rashid
economic development 3 2 Regaining Missed Opportunities: The Role Of Agriculture Post-Separation Development In Sudan Yagoub Elryah