A Study of The Opinions regarding Reforms for Teacher Education

Dr. S.Snehlata

Assistant Professor,

Bhagwan Mahavir College of Education, (M.Ed.), Surat

Email: dr.snehsri@gmail.com

Mobile No: 9428243364

Ms. Niharika Patel

I/C Principal,

Bhagwan Mahavir College of Education, (M.Ed.), Surat

Email: nihjan@gmail.com

Mobile No: 9898653745


In the present context when it is proposed to bring a nationwide uniformity in the syllabus, there is a need to look into the goals & practices of the teacher education programme. Teacher educators are the best source to suggest reforms. Rajput and Walia (2001) quoted Cochran Smith who notes that, “The question that is currently driving reform and policy in teacher education is what I refer to as the outcomes question. This question asks how we should   conceptualize and define the outcome of teacher education for teacher   learning,   practice and student learning.” In this paper the investigators   have studied the opinions regarding the reforms for teacher Education programme from teacher educators & discussed at length the recommendations suggested by the Teacher Educators.