A Study Of Science Attitude And Academic Achievement In Chemistry Among Standard XIth Students

Dr. Rajesh Rathod

Assistant Professor

Bhagwan Mahavir College of Education (M.Ed.),

Vesu, Bharthana, Surat.


Mo.: +91-94268-54534


There have been various research studies assessing various factors that affect science achievement of students. In the present study Researcher tried to find the correlation between the Science Attitude and Academic Achievement in Chemistry for Standard XIth Students. Random sampling technique was used for selecting the sample. The total sample was that of 282 students in which 143 students were selected from Granted School and 139 students were selected from Non- granted school. The Researcher used self developed standardized Science Attitude Scale for measuring the Students Attitude towards Science. The collected data were analyzed by using the statistical technique of t-test for comparison of groups and Product-moment Pearson Correlation. There is no significant correlation between Science Attitude and Academic Achievement of students from Granted Schools as well as Non-granted Schools. Female students have higher Science Attitude than Male students in Granted as well as Non-granted Schools.