Dr. Jignesh J. Kantharia

In charge Principal,

Shri Sarvodaya Shikshan Mandal

Managed B.Ed. College, Surat


Mob. No. : 9428869575



“A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.” - Helen Keller

Teacher is a person who has responsibility to build up society. A well-educated mind will always thing to do better for society. According to Helen Keller, A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers. In the world of education, teacher should not be well teacher without knowledge. Today we seen that teacher should be focused on examination. But he should aware about that today education system is student orientation system. Teachers are social changer. Teacher Training Institute is currently run with so many new change and in new addition more work experience should be given to teacher trainees. As a part of more work experience, 15 week internship programme is introduced in teacher training course. Internship programme is compulsory part of teacher training programme. It comes for better improvement of trainees. So it is important to know opinion of trainees regarding Internship programme during teacher training. In this paper researcher trying to collect some opinion regarding Internship Programme for teacher training. For this research, Researcher selected 90 2nd year teacher trainees from 06 B.Ed. college of Surat city with purposive sampling technique. Researcher made Opinionnaire as tool for collect opinion from B.Ed. Trainees. Researcher collects the data and analysing quantitative data with the help of percentage and qualitative data with content analysis technique. In the conclusion researcher got many opinion for Internship programme from teacher trainees.