Development and try-out of a Role Play Programme in Social Science Teaching at primary level

Mr. Bhavik Sureshbhai Gajjar
Dr. Prabhavati Ramlal Primary School No. 256,
Javahar Nagar, udhna yard,
Mo.: 09879686787


This study aims at investigating the effect of a role play Programme on Gujarati students learning social science at primary level. The sample of the study consisted of 140 students randomly selected from two schools and assigned to experimental and control groups. Data were collected within a week period via a pre-posttest design. The findings of the study indicated that using a role play Programme in social science teaching alongside the traditional method has a positive effect on the experimental group students’ achievement and the winds of change are blowing in social science teaching is an instrument of change at the same time, it is itself changing constantly due to research and innovations.