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Concept mapping as evaluating tool for eliciting understanding of science

Students understanding of science has always been of considerable importance in the area of science education research at school level. It tries to focus on issues such as tools to aid understanding, conceptual understanding, tools for evaluating understanding, individual knowledge structure of students so on and so forth. Concept map is one such tool that is used to elicit understanding the subject thoroughly as well evaluating knowledge and teaching- learning process success in a given domain. Concept maps are two- dimensional hierarchical and node-like diagrams that depict knowledge.

Environmental Sensitization Through Multimedia: An Affective Experiment In Science Education

To protect and improve the environment is the constitutional duty of every Indian. To realize a society with the environmental concern in the future, we must sensitize the elementary students today. This paper describes such an experiment of environmental sensitization of elementary school students using multimedia in a science classroom.

Quiz Program as an Innovative Technique to Enhance Achievement in Science

Education has always been the sole directive of human endeavor and is a means for achieving not only the all-round development of child but also the progress of the society. Further, knowledge of science has become a necessity leading to the emergence of Science and Technology as an important school subject. Researcher are studying effectiveness of different teaching strategies. Quiz is one such strategy which is a form of game or mind sport in which player attempts to answer question correctly either individually or in team.

The Use of ICT in English Language Learning

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a force that has changed many aspects of the way we live. ICT has been used world-wide to help people such as in business, trade, marketing, science, education and others. Now, ICT is currently being used in education to assist students to learn more effectively and help teachers to do administrative tasks more efficiently. In other words, Information Communication Technology in education has made it possible for students, teachers, specialists and researchers to collaborate with each other in diverse ways.

Effectiveness of Computer Based Instruction (CBI) on Achievement in Mathematics of Secondary School Students

This study attempted to find the effect of Computer Based Instruction (CBI) on achievement in mathematics of secondary school students. An experimental study was conducted using two equivalent group design among IX standard students in R.A.N. Matriculation school, Kavarapetti, Thiruvallur district, Tamilnadu, India. The sample was divided into two groups, each consisting of 35 students. The effectiveness of CBI was measured using gain scores (difference between pre-test Post-test scores) of both the groups.


This study attempts to develop the learning of Bloom's taxonomy among B.Ed students using CAI package. An experimental study was conducted among B.Ed trainees to find out the effectiveness of the CAI package, at Suraj College of Education, Melathangal, Tamilnadu, India which was considered taken as the sample for the study. The sample was divided into two groups consisting of 35 students in each group. The study results revealed that experimental group and control group students did not differ in their pre-test scores , which was measured using achievement test.

Development and try-out of a Role Play Programme in Social Science Teaching at primary level

This study aims at investigating the effect of a role play Programme on Gujarati students learning social science at primary level. The sample of the study consisted of 140 students randomly selected from two schools and assigned to experimental and control groups. Data were collected within a week period via a pre-posttest design.


The main objective of the present study was to determine the effect of Computer programme in Social Science education on 8th Standard students’ academic achievement. Random sampling technique was used for selecting the sample. The total sample was that of 80 students. The Researcher used Computer programme as Research tool, self made Achievement test and Opinionnaire were used as tools for data collection. Researcher used Experimental Research method and "Pre-test Post-test Equivalent group Design” in the present study.


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the tasks included in the exercise blocks of a mathematics textbook of secondary school of Uganda for performance expectations. The tasks in the textbook (Secondary School Mathematic Students’ Book 2) were analysed using a framework developed from TIMSS mathematics framework 2011.

Effectiveness of Educational Programme to Alleviate Stress among B.Ed. Trainees

The modern world, which is said to be a world of achievement, is also a world of stress. Advancement of science and technology has made access to information very easy. Research in science and technology provides new information everyday. This explosion of information and knowledge in the modern age has increased the stress level. Due to such reason, today we see the field of education has become a challenge for everyone. In the field of education, no factor is more important than the psychological factor of personality.