Emotional intelligence, personality traits as predictors of self efficacy and academic performance

A. Thangamani Ramalingam

Lecturer, Sarvajanik College of Physiotherapy, Rampura, Surat.




The purpose of this study was to improve understanding of emotional intelligence, personality traits on self efficacy level and recent performance of physiotherapy students.  The self reported measures like trait emotional intelligence questionnaire, big five inventory-10 and academic self efficacy scale were administered to the participants who were present at the time of distribution of the questionnaires and consented. And the data was collected with the necessary personal and demographical data.  Data Analysis includes descriptive statistics and multiple regressions were done using SPSS v. 20.  The findings showed that the physiotherapy students have got the openness personality trait and emotional traits like well being and sociability as good predictors of academic self efficacy. But only the neurotism personality trait influenced the academic performance in terms of GPA.