An experimental research in Science subject teaching through Concept Attainment Model

Ankita P. Parmar

Head Teacher

Primary School, Maktampur.

Tal & Dist : Bharuch - 392012

E-mail :

Mo. No. +91 – 9998978210

Dr. Dipika B. Shah

Professor and Head,

Department of Education,

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat.


The present study aims to investigate the effectiveness of Concept Attainment Model on the achievement of students in science  at 5th class. For this purpose a sample of 173 students were drawn from std 5th class from rural and urban area of Ankleshwar and labeled as experimental group and controlled group. First of all intelligence test was taken, then Concept Attainment Models were prepared and implemented after pre-testing on experimental group. Controlled group was taught by traditional method. After completion of the both treatment, achievement test was administrated as post-test to students of experimental group and traditional group. One way ANOVA and 2 x 2, 3 x 2 ANCOVA was used to arrive at the following conclusions:

(1) The Concept Attainment Model is more effective than traditional method.

(2) There is no significant different between treatment, gender, achievement, area and their interaction.

(3) There is no significant different between boys and girls opinion on Concept Attainment Model.