A Study about the Awareness and Implementation of ‘Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens’ in the Youth of Surat City

Dr. Dipika Bhadresh Shah

Professor, Department of Education,

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, SURAT-395007.

E-mail: dipi_shah@yahoo.com

(M) +919898072291.

Parmar Narendra M.

Assistance Teacher, Velanpur Primary school, Ta. Chikhli, Dist. Navasari.


India is a Democratic Country and in every democratic country some rights are given to each citizen. These rights can be utilized only when the citizen obeys the related duties. Thus rights and duties are like the two sides of the same coin. If one is night, the another is day. They cannot exist without each other. Each citizen of India is supposed to have a better knowledge of his/her duties with his knowledge of rights. Fundamental rights are like special rights with a responsibility. The people of nation should realize that even to enjoy their rights properly they are supposed to redeem the fundamental rights in a right way. Thus with concern to these Fundamental Duties of Citizens, the present study was related to the major objective of study about the Awareness and Implementation of these Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens in the Youth of Surat City.  The variables involved were related to study  the effect of Literacy, Gender, Employment, Marital Status, Caste, Socio-Economic status, and Situation of Implementation on Awareness and Implementation of Fundamental Duties of Citizens  in the Youth of Surat City.  The Surat City youth with the Age group from 16 to 40, were the population of the study. And 350 Youngsters from Seven Zones, 50 from each zone of Surat City were selected by Snow Ball sampling technique, as a purposive sample. To measure the Awareness, an Awareness Test was constructed; and to know about the Implementation, an Open End Questionnaire was developed as Tool. Data were collected by Survey method through field visits. The collected numerical data were analyzed using Percentage and ANOVA as statistical techniques; and qualitative data were analyzed using Logico Inductive Analytical approach. The findings revealed that 41.30% Surat City Youth were having 80% to 90% Awareness about the Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens. Literate and earning youth have more awareness as compared to illiterate and unemployed and students. Gender, Marital Status and Cast has no effect on Awareness. While various findings related to Implementation are drawn, which are present in detail in the paper.