A Study of the Effectiveness of teaching Mathematics through Music and Visual Music to the students of Standard - VII

Ms. Vrunda N. Naik

Assistant Teacher,

Nandarkha Primary School,

Nandarkha - 396325.

Dr. Dipika Shah

Professor and Head,

Department of Education, VNSGU,

Surat - 395007.


Mathematics has always been one of the most important subjects in education as well as human life since ages. It has been considered important as it has great impact on human life. Many other subjects are linked with Mathematics in one or another way. In spite of its importance, for many students, it is a subject which is found difficult to learn though taught in different ways. With the development of Science and Technology, many more innovations have been taking place in the field of education. With such changes in different fields, music has also not remained untouched and many developments have taken place in it too. As music has a kind of magical effect on old, young and children and it has been proved to have positive effect on plants and animals, the investigator took up the present study with an objective to use music for teaching Mathematics to Standard - VII students and to study the effectiveness of this innovation.