Task-Based And Activity Based Language Teaching: The Pedagogy Of Learner Centeredness

Dilber S. Mehta

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. I.T Department

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University Surat, Gujarat.

Contact : 9925247873, dilbermehta@gmail.com


Task based language teaching and Activity based language teaching is an innovative option in language teaching pedagogy compared to the traditional methods of teaching. This paper shows how TBLT and ABLT  represents a paradigm shift from traditional teacher fronted methods of language teaching, thereby giving learners an opportunity to be more active in the language classroom. The role of the teacher is not diminished in TBLT and ABLT; however the teacher becomes a ‘friend and guide’ and not a ‘sage on the stage’. Different creative tasks and activities for teaching listening, reading, writing, and vocabulary etc have been developed in this paper.