The Use of ICT in English Language Learning

Sanjay K. Koriya
(M.A., M.Ed.)
Research Scholar
Rai University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Contact : 9898001982
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Information and communication technology (ICT) is a force that has changed many aspects of the way we live. ICT has been used world-wide to help people such as in business, trade, marketing, science, education and others. Now, ICT is currently being used in education to assist students to learn more effectively and help teachers to do administrative tasks more efficiently. In other words, Information Communication Technology in education has made it possible for students, teachers, specialists and researchers to collaborate with each other in diverse ways.
The rapid growth and improvement in Information Communication Technology (ICT) has led to the diffusion of technology in education. It is believed that ICT would bring many advantages to the students if it is use under the right circumstances. Although ICT offer more advantages and flexibility, this type of learning environment may not be conducive for all learners. This paper describes the use of ICT for learning English, the challenges faced by the students in using ICT for learning English and their attitude towards the use of ICT in learning English among the urban school students in Rajkot District, Gujarat. In present research simple random sampling method is used. Data was collected via questionnaire survey of second language students. The results show that students are aware of the benefits of using ICT in learning language. However, students did not spend much of their time for the purpose of learning. Students spend only 1- 2 hours per weeks using ICT for learning activities. Most of the students use ICT for surfing internet to get information and for searching for words meaning and pronunciation. Students perceived themselves having high positive attitude towards the use of ICT in learning English. However, there are two main problems faced by the students which are lack of English proficiency and lack of training on ICT.