B.Ed. Students Opinion about Difficulty in Planning and Practice of Microteaching Skills


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The main aim of the present study is to find out which Microteaching skill is more difficult for planning and practice and association between difficulty in planning and practice of specific Microteaching skill and pedagogy of B.Ed. students. It was Descriptive method. The study was carried out on 33 B.Ed. students, studying in one of the B.Ed. college of Bangalore city. Personal Information Schedule and structured opinionnaire were used to collect data. Percentage analysis and Chi-Square statistical technique were employed. Results showed that 58% (19) of students find difficulty in planning and practice of probing questioning followed by 24% (8) of students in Illustrating with example, 18% (6) of students in Explanation and 15% (5) each in Introducing lesson, Using Black board & Classroom management finding difficulty in planning and practice; there is association between difficulty in planning and practice of skill of explanation and pedagogy of B.Ed. students (x 2 = 4.733, df =1, p <.05). Whereas association was not found with respect to other skills i.e. Skill of Introducing Lesson (x 2 = 3.494, df =1, p >.05), Illustrating with Example (x 2 = 1.256, df =1, p >.05), Probing Questioning x 2 = 1.558, df =1, p >.05, Skill of Using Black Board (x 2 = .170, df =1, p >.05) and Skill of Classroom Management (x 2 = .313, df =1, p >.05) and pedagogy of B.Ed. students.