Environmental Sensitization Through Multimedia: An Affective Experiment In Science Education

Kapildev A. Vasani


District Institute of Education and Training, Valsad.

Email: kapilvasani@yahoo.co.in

M: 9979005455


To protect and improve the environment is the constitutional duty of every Indian. To realize a society with the environmental concern in the future, we must sensitize the elementary students today. This paper describes such an experiment of environmental sensitization of elementary school students using multimedia in a science classroom.

The objective of the study was to find the effectiveness of a multimedia package on the environmental sensitization of the elementary school students. This research was conducted using the pre-experimental research design. A sample of 38 students from standard 8 was selected randomly from a purposively selected school of the Valsad city (Gujarat, India). The Affective Learning Outcomes Inventory in Science (ALOIS) was used as the testing tool before and after the execution of a particular set of videos based on ‘water’ related topics. The students’ responses on a set of questions were collected using a worksheet after the execution of multimedia. The data obtained on these tools were qualitative in nature. The data were analyzed using content analysis method and the interpretations were made by identifying students’ leaning on the idea units emerging from their thoughts.

The results of the study revealed that the multimedia package was effective for the sensitization of the elementary school students about the issues related to the water crisis and our duty to care for the water resources.