Strategy of Sustainable Learning Outcomes of Mathematics Teaching at the Primary Level in West Bengal

Sujit Samanta

District Inspector of Schools (Secondary Education), Purulia & Research Scholar

Swami Vivekananda Multi-Disciplinary Educational Research Centre, Belur Math, Howrah



Today is the age of RTE Act 2009. Ensuring the quality education of every child is the mandate of RTE norms at elementary level. Mathematics education is considered of the dimension of quality education. Paschim Banga Samagra Shiksha Avijan is regularly monitor the Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), Teachers’ Training on pedagogy, Shala Siddhi, CAL, RAA, IE issues at primary school. But recent report of NAS 2017 indicated the learning Outcomes of students at mathematics at the primary leaver is not the up to the marks. They clearly indicated the Lowest Performing learning Outcomes (LOs) as per NAS-2017.The objectives of the study is to find out the various dimension of sustainable learning outcomes of mathematics at the primary levels in West Bengal. Study is a survey type. A case study of Purulia district. Data is collected from five high schools and Ten Primary schools, mathematics teachers, DIET, School Inspectors. Interview is taken. Then conclusion is reached. Two type of learning outcomes, sustainable and fragile. Sustainable learning outcomes comes forms regular assessment, remedial teaching.  Worksheets, mental maths, math lab activities, fun times and Joyful of learning. WBBPE has published new text book on mathematics. There are given competencies on each contains. But teacher load and monitor and supervision of class teaching hamper the learning outcomes. In Purulia district there is tri language problem also.