Ma. Theresa L. Eustaquio
Associate Professor I
Isabela State University Echague, Isabela


This study was conducted to determine the students’ preferred teaching strategies used by English teachers at the College of Arts and Sciences, Isabela State University Echague Campus this 2nd Semester of the Academic Year 2015-2016. It used the descriptive method to describe the attributes of the respondents and was correlated to the students’ preferred teaching strategies used by English teachers and inferential method of research to test the hypothesis of the study.
The needed data for the study were gathered using questionnaires. The questionnaires were administered to 86 Bachelor of Arts in English students. Frequency counts and percentages were used to describe the profile of the respondents, weighted mean and ranking were used to determine the teaching strategies preference of the respondents used by English teachers and Chi- square test was used to determine the significant relationship between the preferred teaching strategies and the respondents’ profile.
The results of the study revealed that the respondents most preferred teaching strategy used by English teachers was film viewing with a grand mean of 4.25, while the least preferred was role playing with a grand mean of 3.97. It also showed a significant relationship between gender and the items “like exchanging ideas with my teacher and my fellow students” and “I am interested of watching an activity performed by a student, teacher or small group while”.
It was also revealed that there was a highly significant relationship between gender, year level and the items “I like teacher who can show and explain the steps in the process, clearly, accurately and their logical sequence”, “I enjoy acting to catch attention especially if the audience belongs to the curious, active and young”. Other independent variables such as age, gender and year level were found to be not significant with the students preferred teaching strategies used by English teachers at the College of Arts and Sciences.
Hence, the researcher strongly recommends that there should be a continuing attendance to seminars/workshops of English teachers on the different teaching strategies to update them with the new techniques and strategies in English education. Results of the study suggest that English teachers should use the first three most preferred teaching strategies by the students in their classroom instruction, film viewing, lecture and discussion.