A Study about the Awareness and Implementation of ‘Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens’ in the Youth of Surat City

India is a Democratic Country and in every democratic country some rights are given to each citizen. These rights can be utilized only when the citizen obeys the related duties. Thus rights and duties are like the two sides of the same coin. If one is night, the another is day. They cannot exist without each other. Each citizen of India is supposed to have a better knowledge of his/her duties with his knowledge of rights. Fundamental rights are like special rights with a responsibility.

A Study On Naturalistic Intelligence Of School Teachers In Tirunelveli District

Education is a powerful tool to empower an individual in all aspects of his/her life. The study investigated on naturalistic intelligence of school teachers. The investigator has employed survey method and adopted random sampling technique to select the sample for the present investigation. The representative sample consisted of 500 school teachers from 30 schools. The data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, ‘t’ test and correlation.

A Study Of Science Attitude And Academic Achievement In Chemistry Among Standard XIth Students

There have been various research studies assessing various factors that affect science achievement of students. In the present study Researcher tried to find the correlation between the Science Attitude and Academic Achievement in Chemistry for Standard XIth Students. Random sampling technique was used for selecting the sample. The total sample was that of 282 students in which 143 students were selected from Granted School and 139 students were selected from Non- granted school.

Effect Of Metacognitive Strategy On Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Method To Enhance Biology Achievement

The purpose of this study was to determine how the adoption of metacognitive strategy in jigsaw cooperative learning method and inquiry method influences students’ achievement in Biology. The study was carried out by following pre-test post-test experimental design with one control group and two experimental groups. To guide this study, four hypotheses were stated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. A total of 105 students from Municipal Higher Secondary School, Tamilnadu, India were used as sample for the study.

A Study of The Opinions regarding Reforms for Teacher Education

In the present context when it is proposed to bring a nationwide uniformity in the syllabus, there is a need to look into the goals & practices of the teacher education programme. Teacher educators are the best source to suggest reforms. Rajput and Walia (2001) quoted Cochran Smith who notes that, “The question that is currently driving reform and policy in teacher education is what I refer to as the outcomes question.


Education plays a vital role in the personal growth and the social development among all of us. Education is important because it equips us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. This could be done through three modes of education i.e. formal, informal and non- formal education. Formal mode of education comprises of school and universities. For the better functioning of educational set up effective and efficient management is required.


E-Learning is a modern, technology-oriented training method. It is moulding the world wide educational scenario from local to global approach. In India, the education system is based on class room lectures. E-Learning is used as a teaching and learning tool by teachers and students but e-learning courses are not usually offered by Indian Universities. Prospective of e-learning is high in India but the adoption rate is very low. A good marketing strategy, awareness and evolutionary government policy is required for this purpose.

Attitude Of Student Teachers Towards Microteaching

The present study was conducted to study the attitude towards microteaching of  female student teachers with reference to their, stream, educational qualification and category. A sample of 94 female student teachers of Dhrol was selected by simple random sampling technique. The study revealed that the there is a significant difference between Science student teachers and Arts student teachers with regard to their attitude towards Microteaching.


Target of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA), and Right to Education (RTE) Act, has not been achieved till. Now one more Rastriya Uchchh Siksha Abhiyan (RUSA) has targeted ensuring Access, Equality and Quality of education  and ensured Gross Enrolment Ratio (GRE) in higher education  25.2% at the end of  XIIth   Five year Plan and 32 %  at the end of  XIIIth Five year Plan and also  targeted to correct regional imbalance in access to higher education. Without achieving batter school education, it is difficult to attain the target of RUSA.


This study was initiated to investigate the impact of spiritual intelligence on the Teacher trainees related to their gender, type of family and marital status. A sample of 33 M.Ed. teacher trainees’ was selected. A tool on Spiritual Intelligence devised by Prof. Roquiya Zainuddin and Ms. Anjum Ahmed was used for the present study. The data was analysed by using Mean, S.D. and t-test. The findings of the study revealed that there was a high Spiritual Intelligence in Teacher Trainees. There is no significant difference in the SI Scores of Male and female Teacher Trainees.