Construction and Standardization of Teacher Aptitude Test for B.Ed. College Trainees of Gujarat State

Aptitude is combination of abilities and other characteristics, whether native or acquired known or believed to be indicative of an individual’s ability to learn or to develop proficiency in some particular area. Present research had been aimed at Construction and Standardization of Teacher Aptitude Test for B.Ed. College Trainees of Gujarat State. Total 2137 trainees are selected as sample from population of Gujarat state. This research was undertaken using the Survey Method.

A study of Secondary School Teacher’s Attitude towards TAT

The major objectives of the present study were to explore the secondary school teacher’s attitude towards TAT and to know the attitudinal differences of gender, marital status, type of secondary school on TAT exam. Total 72 secondary school teachers are selected for the purposive sampling technique method. For the collection data researcher use self developed attitude scale. percentage and χ2 (chi-square) were founded for data analysis for collected information.

B.Ed. Students Opinion about Difficulty in Planning and Practice of Microteaching Skills

The main aim of the present study is to find out which Microteaching skill is more difficult for planning and practice and association between difficulty in planning and practice of specific Microteaching skill and pedagogy of B.Ed. students. It was Descriptive method. The study was carried out on 33 B.Ed. students, studying in one of the B.Ed. college of Bangalore city. Personal Information Schedule and structured opinionnaire were used to collect data. Percentage analysis and Chi-Square statistical technique were employed.

Quiz Program as an Innovative Technique to Enhance Achievement in Science

Education has always been the sole directive of human endeavor and is a means for achieving not only the all-round development of child but also the progress of the society. Further, knowledge of science has become a necessity leading to the emergence of Science and Technology as an important school subject. Researcher are studying effectiveness of different teaching strategies. Quiz is one such strategy which is a form of game or mind sport in which player attempts to answer question correctly either individually or in team.

Dr. Ambedkarji’s View and suggestions on Higher Education

Education is the vital element for the development of society and human beings. Dr. Ambedkar highlights on higher education system. He said that the education in university should be society oriented. It should be scientific and away from prejudice, it should not be limited with the benefit of certain classes in society. University must have the power of discipline, rejection or approval of college. He believed that we must have management council, Senate, Academic council and various faculties of university.

Effectiveness of Yoga on Student’s Educational Achievement in the subject of Gujarati

To examine the effectiveness of yoga on the students of subjects Gujarati, the experiment was performed to the students from the class 9th, eleven classes three classes randomly selected and randomly 10 Boys and 10 girls from each class total 60 students. Those 60 students were known as the Experimental Group. The same way 60 students from the same class were selected as the controlled group. The students of the Experimental group were made to do yoga for 38 minutes up to 35 days. Then both groups were tested by giving them the same question paper of subject Gujarati and graded them.


Parental involvement is viewed as critical to the development of effective schools and student achievement. Parent’s involvement in their child’s education is definitely important. It creates a big difference in their child’s performance and academic evaluation. Parents are known to be the role models for kids. Decades of research provide convincing evidence that parents are an important influence in helping their children achieve high academic standards.

A Comparative Study on Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and General Evaluation in the English Medium schools of Ahmedabad

Education is the vital and essential right of every child. Evaluation is considered as integral part of teaching-learning process. As we know evaluation is mostly focused on the attainment of educational objectives. As child development is a continuous process, evaluation should be continuous. CCE is an innovative way of assessment it refers to a system of school based assessment that covers all aspects of students’ development.

The Use of ICT in English Language Learning

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a force that has changed many aspects of the way we live. ICT has been used world-wide to help people such as in business, trade, marketing, science, education and others. Now, ICT is currently being used in education to assist students to learn more effectively and help teachers to do administrative tasks more efficiently. In other words, Information Communication Technology in education has made it possible for students, teachers, specialists and researchers to collaborate with each other in diverse ways.

Study of the awareness of environmental awareness among women teacher trainees

This study was conducted to find out the environmental awareness among women teachers trainees and some variables affecting it. The sample consisted of fifty women teachers trainees studying in Colleges of Education affiliated to K.S.K.V Kachchh University, Bhuj. Normative survey method was used for the present investigations. Environmental awareness scale constructed and validated by investigator was used. Result shows that the student teachers differ significantly in their attitude towards Modernization with regard to their gender, educational qualification, area.