Application Of Social Work Competencies And Techniques By The Non-Government Organizations In Bangladesh: A Study Based On Sylhet City Corporation

Bangladesh has witnessed a substantial growth of non-government organizations (NGOs) after the independence, especially from 1980s. These NGOs have been engaged in multifarious development activities all over the country and in the international platform. Grameen Bank is a Noble Laureate in Peace and BRAC has got recognition as one of the largest NGOs in whole globe. It is a recognized fact that government organizations (GOs) must work along with NGOs for the socioeconomic-cultural development of the country, especially developing state like Bangladesh.

Forward and Reverse Genetic Tools for Investigating Gene Function

Genetics and molecular genomic approaches have been changed our perception towards biological processes. Reverse genetics describes the “gene to phenotype”approach, with which functions of a gene of interest can be examined by disrupting the gene expression at physiological level. Forward genetics is a “phenotype to gene” approach with which genes involved in a biological pathway can be identified through the screening of populations that contain random modifications throughout the genome, altering the gene function.


In banking parlance, Corporate Governance refers to conducting the affairs of a banking organisation in a manner that gives a fair deal to all the stakeholders i.e. shareholders, employee’s regulatory authority, bank customers and society at large. The distinctive features of the banking sector demands extensive attention on the quality of governance systems. Looking to the importance of corporate governance, SEBI has mandated corporate governance reporting practices for all the Indian listed companies vide CLAUSE 49.

Rendering Of Feminine Consciousness And Desire For Emancipation In The Novels Of Uma Vasudev

This paper endeavours to bring to the fore the hitherto unexplored world of present-day Indian women in the novels of the noteworthy Indian English novelist Uma Vasudev. This writer has chosen for her themes the female sensibility and psyche attempting to break free from the age-old conditioning of the society. Majority of these female protagonists are involved in illicit relationships which they feel are lending a new meaning and sense of purpose and direction to their lives.

Accounting Professionals - As a medium to curb imbalanced Environment Accounting

It is the common understanding of natural environment that underlies environmentalism - a broad political, social, and philosophical movement that advocates various actions and policies in the interest of protecting what nature remains in the natural environment, or restoring or expanding the role of nature in this environment.

Effectiveness Of Nifty Stocks And Options Strategy Introduced By National Stock Exchange

With the integration of the financial markets and free mobility of capital, risks also multiplied. With Globalization becoming part and parcel in the 21st century, integration of the world economies is bound to occur which in turn makes every economy more vulnerable to any disturbance that occurs in any part of the world. For instance the recent occurrence of Sub prime crisis which has shook all the stocks markets of the world and also is the cause for slowdown of the global economy. Sub prime has occurred in USA, which consumes 40 per cent of the world consumption.


The performance of banking business by the cooperative banks in rural and semi-urban areas has been very good. They even perform well in urban and metros where the apex state cooperative banks and district central cooperative banks successfully compete with their counter parts in the banking business market. However, their growth rate in the recent past is not encouraging. A comparison between central cooperative banks and commercial banks reveals that central cooperative banks could achieve a higher growth in deposits and credit because of their proximity to the customers.

A Study On Naturalistic Intelligence Of School Teachers In Tirunelveli District

Education is a powerful tool to empower an individual in all aspects of his/her life. The study investigated on naturalistic intelligence of school teachers. The investigator has employed survey method and adopted random sampling technique to select the sample for the present investigation. The representative sample consisted of 500 school teachers from 30 schools. The data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, ‘t’ test and correlation.

Effect Of Metacognitive Strategy On Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Method To Enhance Biology Achievement

The purpose of this study was to determine how the adoption of metacognitive strategy in jigsaw cooperative learning method and inquiry method influences students’ achievement in Biology. The study was carried out by following pre-test post-test experimental design with one control group and two experimental groups. To guide this study, four hypotheses were stated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. A total of 105 students from Municipal Higher Secondary School, Tamilnadu, India were used as sample for the study.


Employees are important assets to any organisation. So, it becomes important for the organisation to understand and motivate the employees. In spite of all the motivations and support, the employee may not perform up to the expectations of the organisations. At such times it becomes more important for the organisations to understand the reasons of failure on the part of the employee. Such failure can be measured by using the Performance Appraisal System.When performance appraisal is conducted in an organization, an individual experiences various impacts like, behavioural and emotional.