The value of Faecal Occult Blood Test in patients infected with intestinal parasites

Infections due to intestinal parasites are among the most prevalent infections in humans in developing countries. Faecal occult blood refers to blood in the faeces that is not visible to the naked eye and FOBT, as the name implies, is aimed to detect subtle blood loss in the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the colon .This study aimed to prove if there is a relation between FOB and intestinal parasites. Stool samples of 450 patients attending different out patient clinics in Ahmed Maher Teaching hospital, Egypt.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty in mobile telecommunication in Pakistan


This research has been conducted to discuss customer loyalty in mobile telecommunication. Study measures different features of service assortment, price satisfaction, quality, employee service and satisfaction to check which attribute influence the loyalty more in mobile telecommunication.


A Study about the Awareness and Implementation of ‘Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens’ in the Youth of Surat City

India is a Democratic Country and in every democratic country some rights are given to each citizen. These rights can be utilized only when the citizen obeys the related duties. Thus rights and duties are like the two sides of the same coin. If one is night, the another is day. They cannot exist without each other. Each citizen of India is supposed to have a better knowledge of his/her duties with his knowledge of rights. Fundamental rights are like special rights with a responsibility.

The Concepts of Human Rights in the Vedas

Many Western scholars with their colonial and missionary ambitions claim that the concept of human rights is a Western concept but they are not absolutely right. It is also a fact that all human right principles have not western roots. These intellectuals have not taken into account the full development that took place prior to the Renaissance and colonial period. The universality of human rights is based on the universal values prevalent in all the major civilizations of the world.

E-Commerce : growth and prospects in India

The E-Commerce Industry is growing rapidly every year with many savvy Indians taking to online shopping to research products, compare prices & to shop online. Many brands, retailers & entrepreneurs have understood the benefits of leveraging E-Commerce to provide access to their products across the country. The objective of this project is to get enlightened about E-Commerce- Its meaning, objective, scope and limitations also its impact.


A woman passes through many phases in her life. She is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother. Motherhood is a blessing, a way of life. It permits a woman to express her total self with tender feelings. But life is not fair arithmetic, and motherhood is not a blessing for some women in a patriarchal society. They are under the myth that motherhood is the sphere essentially fated for women. Women are subaltern sexes who are supposed to be reproducers of mankind- considered to be child bearers and rearers. But patriarchy misuses this role as an instrument to subordinate women as a whole.

Dalit Novel : A Comparative Study of The Stepchild and Untouchable

In recent years, there has been a spurt in Dalit literature in India that attempts to bring to the foreground the experiences of discriminations, poverty and violence being faced by the Dalit community. This unprecedented development is a part of a growing need of the Dalits themselves to articulate their experiences which have for long been silenced and marginalized as unliterary. The present research paper is a comparative assessment of two prominent works- Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable and Joseph Macwan’s The Stepchild.

Cloning the Metagenome to Access the Biodiversity of Unculturable Bacteria

Metagenomics constitutes the sequence based analysis of the collective microbial genomes (microbiome) in a particular environment. It provides culture independent access to the gene pool of whole microbial community. The variety of laboratory culturing methods when fail to culture the unculturable bacteria, tools of metagenomics are applied to reveal their existence in a given environment. Metagenomics tools deal mainly with the direct isolation of genetic material from a defined ecological habitat (soil or marine) and cloning of the complete genome of the entire microbial population.


Rapid urbanization and fast growing population has resulted congestion in the urban area. Hence, to maintain the quality of life, health, convenience and comfort, planning of land use and construction activities require control on it by some regulations, which are nothing but General Development Control Regulations. In India, for framing the regulations, all Authorities take “The National Building Code” as the base.


Management is the process by which managers create, direct, maintain and operate purposive organizations through systematic, co-ordinate, co-operative human effort.  The term ‘sound management’ is a phrase used to describe a practical situation, plan or control. Generally, sound management relates to management controls and the capable implementation of action. In the absence of sound management, the working of an organization will become random and haphazard in nature. Managing people is not an easy task.