The value of Faecal Occult Blood Test in patients infected with intestinal parasites

Infections due to intestinal parasites are among the most prevalent infections in humans in developing countries. Faecal occult blood refers to blood in the faeces that is not visible to the naked eye and FOBT, as the name implies, is aimed to detect subtle blood loss in the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the colon .This study aimed to prove if there is a relation between FOB and intestinal parasites. Stool samples of 450 patients attending different out patient clinics in Ahmed Maher Teaching hospital, Egypt.


The Right to Information is implicitly guaranteed by the Constitution. However, with a view to set out a practical regime for securing information, the Indian Parliament enacted the Right to information Act, 2005 and thus gave a powerful tool to the citizens to get information from the Government as a matter of right. Right to Information can empower citizens to take charge by participating in decision-making and by challenging corrupt and arbitrary actions at all levels.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty in mobile telecommunication in Pakistan


This research has been conducted to discuss customer loyalty in mobile telecommunication. Study measures different features of service assortment, price satisfaction, quality, employee service and satisfaction to check which attribute influence the loyalty more in mobile telecommunication.


Characteristics and Effectiveness of Computer Based Multimedia Technologies in Technical and Engineering Education

Computer based multimedia has the potential to generate high quality learning environments which actively engage the learner of technical and Engineering or Vocational education, Because information technology is involved in every field of life and with the help of information technology we can easily generate very efficient and effective interactive media for our learners. Computer based multimedia and teaching techniques are very sufficient for all age group students. In technical and vocational education.

A Study of The Opinions regarding Reforms for Teacher Education

In the present context when it is proposed to bring a nationwide uniformity in the syllabus, there is a need to look into the goals & practices of the teacher education programme. Teacher educators are the best source to suggest reforms. Rajput and Walia (2001) quoted Cochran Smith who notes that, “The question that is currently driving reform and policy in teacher education is what I refer to as the outcomes question.

A Review On Avaleha Kalpana W.S.R To Confection

Avaleha is the most common dosage form which has been employed in various disorders & gaining popularity due to its easy administration, palatability along with a long shelf life. Avaleha is a semisolid preparation of herbal drugs prepared in decoction or extracts of different herbs by adding sugar. Its metabolism and absorption starts from the mouth itself due to presence of more quantity of sweetening agents like glucose, fructose etc.

Base Line Survey For Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (A Village Level Case Study)

The Base Line Surveys are an important research tool as it provides us the mechanism of collecting valuable primary data. Keeping it in view, a baseline socio-economic survey was conducted in Bajrer village of Himachal Pradesh. For obtaining the information a detailed interview schedule was prepared which mainly consisted of: demographic features, land inventory, cropping pattern, labour use in production, sources of income and expenditure pattern of households, sources of information, environmental issues, health issues and various other socio-economic indicators.

Regaining Missed Opportunities: The Role Of Agriculture Post-Separation Development In Sudan

Agricultural sector is play a vital role in the Sudan economy and is considered to be the backbone of industrial development in the country. Sudan lost both south Sudan and oil revenues, the poverty increased among Sudanese. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to examine the role of agriculture in post-separation development in Sudan. However, it missed opportunities on a number of occasions due to inappropriate economic policies, continues recent region conflicts. The key massage from the studies examined in this paper is that agricultural sector in Sudan still face many challenges.

Status of Migrant Construction Workers - A Case Study of Surat City

Since independence, India has witnessed of rapid urbanization, the pace of urbanization is not only due to the natural increase in population growth, but it has been mainly caused by the heavy influx of rural migrant in urban areas (Ganguly, 2009; Ledent 1982), especially in the large sided cities. The high rate of migration in the urban areas in India is due to the availability of higher employment opportunity. One of the most important sector which leads to high migration in urban area is construction sector.  The present study focuses on the migrant construction workers in Surat city.

Application Of Social Work Competencies And Techniques By The Non-Government Organizations In Bangladesh: A Study Based On Sylhet City Corporation

Bangladesh has witnessed a substantial growth of non-government organizations (NGOs) after the independence, especially from 1980s. These NGOs have been engaged in multifarious development activities all over the country and in the international platform. Grameen Bank is a Noble Laureate in Peace and BRAC has got recognition as one of the largest NGOs in whole globe. It is a recognized fact that government organizations (GOs) must work along with NGOs for the socioeconomic-cultural development of the country, especially developing state like Bangladesh.